Group Education Savings Plans

Group Education Savings Plan is another excellent way to help employers attract and retain top talent with the benefit of not having to complete additional paperwork or contribute any payroll dollars.

Our group education savings plan of choice is a group 529 plan that we offer through the largest college savings provider in the country. If your company decides to sign up for a group 529 plan through Nebel Financial Services, LLC., we will take care of informing your employees of the new group benefit being offered.

All employees who decide to participate in the group 529 plan will contact us directly and all required paperwork will be completed through our office. All transactions (additions and/or withdrawals) are done directly from the employee’s bank account to his or her respective 529 plan. Unlike with individual 529 plans, there will be no transaction costs associated with these plans. Employees can keep their plan even if he or she were to leave the company.

Employers who sponsor Group 529 Plans benefit by being able to offer this education savings plan without the liability of having the company’s name attached to the employees accounts.

Group 529 Information

Benefits to Employer

Benefits to Employee

  • No plan costs or recordkeeping expenses – There are no setup costs for you, and American Funds maintains employee account records.
  • No up-front sales charge – Because they invest in a Class 529-E shares offered only through an employer-sponsored plan, employees don’t incur up-front sales charges.
  • Minimal administration – Employees manage their accounts directly with your plan’s advisor.
  • Low expenses – CollegeAmerica has some of the lowest expenses among 529 college savings plans.
  • Employee loyalty – A tax-favored investment vehicle can help attract, motivate and retain employees.
  • High marks – CollegeAmerica is among Morningstar’s highest-rated advisor-sold 529 college savings plans.
  • Wide eligibility – Large and small businesses, professional offices, startups and even sole proprietorships can launch a 529 plan.
  • A superior long-term track record – With CollegeAmerica, employees invest in the American Funds, which have a history of superior long-term investment results.