Insurance Needs Analysis

What insurance do I need? It's a common question, and with constantly changing regulatory standards, there's still a lot to learn even when you've had insurance for years.

Nebel feels it's very important that you feel confident that you're making informed choices. This information should help you get started. In addition, we can help you identify your insurance needs and answer your questions.

Life Insurance

We help you establish whether you and/or your family is in need of life insurance.   The purpose of life insurance is generally to replace the economic benefit of a person’s working income.  A single working mother may need life insurance over a widower without any children to support. We'll help you decide what amount of coverage is best for your situation.

Disability Insurance

One of the most critical pieces of the insurance puzzle.  If your company offers short and/or long term disability insurance, we recommend you sign up.  This is often easy to do with little to no underwriting and is usually not very expensive. For those who are self-employed, we will analyze your situation and help find the right company to issue a disability policy based on your needs.  This analysis goes hand in hand with the cash flow and the family balance sheet.  We will help determine the right amount of coverage that makes sense for you.

Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought on new ways of acquiring health insurance.  Although we are licensed to sell health insurance, we now work with a licensed health insurance agent whose work is dedicated to helping people get the proper insurance for his or her family.  Let us know your need for health insurance and our licensed health insurance agent will make sure you get the most affordable and dependable coverage.

Long Term Care Insurance

This area is probably one of the biggest fears that all of us have.  For most married couples, the fear is that they might both need care at the same time.  There is also the fear of possibly being a burden on your children or even grandchildren.  We help you look at the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a long term care policy to help put these fears to rest.